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You Loved Me First

Faithfulness is a word that is often thrown around in religiosity. We hear God is faithful all the time.

But we don’t hear that word as often when we describe our relationships.

It’s kind of a rarity, you know? We don’t expect faithfulness until the relationship has reached a specific milestone, like saying “I love you” or maybe at the six month mark.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I began dating someone, I actually expected them to leave me for someone else after the initial butterflies wore off. It happened to most of my friends, and it happened to me multiple times.

Because faithfulness is so hard to come by, I believe we often fail to fully grasp the depth of God’s love for us. We fail to recognize the faithfulness of God, and in return, cannot reciprocate that to others.

In order to be faithful to others, we must first allow God to be faithful to us.


Yeah, God actually longs to be faithful to you.

But Isn’t he already faithful?

It’s the same as saying ‘God longs to love you.’

Think about it.

You can love someone from a distance.

There was a time when one of my sisters could not stand me, and would constantly push me away. This did not affect or change my love for her, but I still longed for a better and closer relationship with her. I wanted to show her I loved her. I wanted to go on sister-dates, go shopping, talk about life with her, and encourage her, but she wouldn’t let me.

And God longs to be faithful to you. He wants to show you He is trustworthy. He wants to show you He can guard and protect your heart, ‘cause it’s safe with Him.

But when you think of His faithfulness, don’t think about our culture’s standard.

God doesn’t want you to cough up your phone password or yell at you for liking someone’s post He feels threatened by. That’s not faithfulness. That’s fear.

In the midst of a spiritual desert, faithfulness is choosing to run into the arms of Father despite the enemy telling you that God has forgotten about you and your dreams.

When rejection has seeped into your heart and left it broken and cracked in a million places, faithfulness is bringing that pain to Jesus before anyone else gets a piece.

Faithfulness is learning to depend on God in every circumstance. But He’s not going to beat down your door and demand you put your trust in Him. He’s a gentleman. He will patiently pursue you, and wait for you to hand over the key to your heart. It is in that place of open surrender, where we give Him room to move and prove Himself trustworthy. 

Something incredible happens when we run to Him first. Every time I have brought my fears, anxieties, and pain before The Lord, i’ve watched Him heal, restore, and speak clarity into my life. Every. Single. Time

When we understand that we can trust God, even when it hurts, faithfulness digs its roots deep down into our Spirit. As a result, we find our hearts tethered to God’s.

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