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Spending Time With God

It’s been a while since I’ve written, and I really miss talking and sharing my heart with you guys.

I took an unintentional break from blogging once life started moving a hundred miles per hour.

In April, I landed a dream job at a local record label with some amazing people.

The end of the semester was nearing, finals were around the corner, not to mention friends, graduations, other jobs, family, serving in the church—you get the picture.

Life was so busy. And it continues to be. I found myself longing for the slower seasons of my life.

Last summer, I had so much free time. I would spend hours outside reading the bible, writing, and spending time with God. And sometimes I really do miss those days. But I remembered, on those days, I would dream up my future with The Lord. I would ask Him about a future in music, in writing, in creating. And at that time, those dreams were so far out of reach, all I could do was daydream and pray about them.

Now, I am watching the beginning of His plans for me unfold. Yet I’ve found myself longing for the days when I had all the time in the world to rest.

I like to look at my life in seasons. I’ve gone in depth about spiritual seasons a lot on my blog, you can read about those here.

In the winter, it’s common to feel like you are waiting on God. Life often feels barren and lifeless. Some have a hard time hearing from God.

In spring, you begin to see the plans that He has for you come alive. They are buds, but they are blooming. Life is bursting and breaking forth.

And Spring is exactly where I’ve found myself these days.

The question quickly became, “Lord, how can I spend as much time with you as I did last season?”

I suddenly didn’t have hours to spend with Him anymore.

But I’m learning that He knows that. There are only so many hours in a day, and it is unrealistic to spend three hours worshipping and writing when I have twenty other things to accomplish that day.

In the winter season, God intentionally brings us to the end of ourselves so that we learn to rely and cast our cares upon Him, due to that heavy element of barrenness. He has to prune and refine us, so that we are ready to be launched into the next season. Naturally, this means more time in isolation with Him. But He is not stagnant and idle. He’s thinking about your Spring before you are, and intentionally preparing you for the wonderful plans He has. And once that new season does come, the ways you used to spend time with Him or the ways He spoke to you can change. 

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”Isa 43:19

I had a dream the other day, that I was inside of a massive palace. I was in a throne room, and there were riches all around me, piled up. I saw gold, rubies, jewels—so many I could hardly move around. I knew the treasure was not mine, but it was God’s that He had given to me, but they were cluttering the space all around me and keeping me from getting to Him.

I knew I needed to get with Him without all of the clutter, so I began pushing all of the gold and jewels away and clearing the space around me so He could come close. Once I made room, He came near and lifted my head towards Him and smiled.

I wrote all of this down and asked The Holy Spirit what it meant.

He revealed to me that the riches were the blessings, dreams, and desires of my heart that He had given me. But whenever we give too much of our focus and attention on these things, they begin to pile up so high that we can hardly move—our lives can so easily revolve around the blessings and keep us stuck where we are instead of moving forward with God.

So even when life is abundant and full, we are watching our dreams come to fruition, and we are moving faster than we ever thought possible, we have to be intentional about carving time out of our daily schedule to spend time with our Father.

He knows your life is busy. He knows you have a million things on your mind and a mile-long to-do list. But that’s what makes it a little sweeter, don’t you think? Having someone clear time out their busy day to spend time with you? It really shows how much you care!

I pray that you find that time today  🖤


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